• 2023 Chamber Gala 2023 Chamber Gala

    Our Boots and Bling Gala is our Annual Awards Ceremony. It is also a fun night out to meet and mingle to build new relationships, see good friends, and help grow your business or partnerships.
    This is a Jarrell Chamber of Commerce fundraiser event we hold to help bring educational seminars, networking events, award scholarships to our local students, and host community events.
    This year, this Gala will help take the Chamber to new heights and build a fund balance to hire staff so that we may better serve our existing and new members.
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  • 2022 Banquet Photos

    Thanks to Brandi Lacey Photography for doing such a fantastic job of capturing the essence of the festivities for us. The full gallery is available until March 21, 2022 on her website where you can download images and purchase prints or other products if you so desire.

    Gala Gallery

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  • You voted and we listened! Here are your winners for 2021:

    Commercial Service Business of the Year:
    Kids' Zone
    Health Service Business of the Year:
    Healthy Kids Running Series
    Emerging Business of the Year:
    Love At First Bite
    Volunteer of the Year:
    Jake Isbell
    Business of the Year:
    The Granary
    Congratulations to all of our award winners!